IT News For the Week, Github App for Android, Chrome Updates, Firefox

IT News For the Week, Github App for Android, Chrome Updates, Firefox

  • An early version of the GitHub app for Android has been released. The application will include only basic functionality. For example, developers will be able to view README files in repositories, leave comments, and search.

  • Google said it intends to stop supporting third-party cookies in Chrome until 2022. This is necessary in order to achieve a compromise between maintaining the confidentiality of users and the desire of ad networks to monitor their actions.

  • Available release distributed source control systems texts Git 2.25.0. It has almost stabilized the possibility of partial cloning, added new options to improve the readability of messages with patches, and solved the problem of determining renames at the directory level when recording commits.

  • C became the TIOBE 2019 Programming Language . The popularity of C over the year increased by 2.44%. Second place in C #, third and fourth places in Python and Swift, respectively.

  • Microsoft has released a full-fledged version of the Edge browser on the Google Chromium platform for Windows and macOS. The new Edge will become the default browser in Windows 10 instead of the classic based on EdgeHTML.

  • Mozilla has launched a beta version of voice control in Firefox. For example, a user may be asked to play music in Spotify or find out the weather.

  • Microsoft fixed a serious security vulnerability in the Windows 10 operating system. According to researchers, the vulnerability is associated with the crypt32.dll library, which manages security certificates and message encryption functions.

  • Amazon introduced AutoGluon library , which allows developers to create applications based on artificial intelligence. The library automates the tuning of hyperparameters and the search for neural architecture, which are usually performed manually.

  • Released version 0.3 of the library vosk for local continuous speech recognition. An APK package has been prepared for the Android platform , and a Python library can be used for Linux . The platform supports the Russian language.

  • MIT researchers have developed the Ithemal ML tool to determine how fast code will run on different chips. Thanks to this tool, developers will be able to create applications for processors with specific architectures.

  • Google has unveiled plans to implement Chrome's anti-intrusive notification tools, similar to the ones recently offered to users in Firefox 72. The company agreed that most of the notifications related to credentials are displayed in intrusive terms.