Teams and Collaboration Free For Developers to use

Teams and Collaboration Free For Developers to use

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·May 27, 2019·

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The scope of this particular list is limited to things infrastructure developers (System Administrator, DevOps Practitioners, etc.) are likely to find useful. We love all the free services out there, but it would be good to keep it on topic. It's a bit of a grey line at times so this is a bit opinionated; do not be offended if I do not accept your contribution.

  • --- Scientific data management and team collaboration. One Team with an unlimited number of users, backup and 1 GB storage space
  • --- One click video conversations, for free
  • --- One click video conversations, screen sharing, for free
  • --- Chat and inbox, free for teams up to 5
  • --- Free for unlimited users with some feature limitations
  • --- Chat, for GitHub. Unlimited public and private rooms, free for teams up to 25
  • --- One place for all your conversations, for free, need a Google account
  • --- Private or cloud storage, file sharing, sync, discussions. Private version is full. Cloud version has just 1 GB
  • --- Private social network standalone or for MS Office 365. Free with a bit less admin tools and users management features
  • --- Shared inbox for teams, free for Open Source and nonprofit organizations
  • --- Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging on the web or on your mobile
  • --- Free group video chat. Anonymous. Peer‑to‑peer. No plugins, signup, or payment required
  • --- Code discussion tool, free for open code talks
  • --- Help over a video with augmented reality. Free without analytics, encryption, support
  • --- Tool for organizing information. Share your notes and work together with others
  • --- The scheduling tool you'll actually use. Find a date for a meeting two times faster
  • --- Share links, notes, files and have discussions. Free for 3 and 100 MB
  • --- Secure Video and Web conferencing, add-ons available. Free limited to 40 minutes
  • --- Allow clients to submit ideas and vote, free for 25 members in 1 community
  • --- Video hosting with viewer analytics, HD video delivery, and marketing tools to help understand your visitors, 25 videos and Wistia branded player
  • --- Real-time shared a visual workspace, whiteboard, GitHub integration. Free 5 GB, 5 spaces and 5 collaborators, no GitHub repos
  • --- A faster way for your team to communicate. Free Unlimited Messages, Channels, Users, Apps & Integrations
  • Igloo --- Internal portal for sharing documents, blogs, and calendars, etc. Free for up to 10 users.
  • --- A decentralized communication tool built on Matrix. Group chats, direct messaging, encrypted file transfers, voice and video chats, and easy integration with other services.
  • Microsoft Teams --- Microsoft Teams is a chat-based digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place all from a single experience. Free for up to 300 users.

Best useful for Developers try these tools for Teams and Collaboration. Enjoy

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